Monday, November 29, 2010


And that's a wrap! This concludes The Giving Hunt and we thank you all for taking part in our event. We hope you enjoyed the hunt and all the gifts the merchants worked so hard on in collaboration to make this hunt even possible! Thank you to all the hunters, the merchants, the bloggers, and everyone who participated in The Giving Hunt. Happy Holidays to all and goodnight.

Best Regards,
The Giving Hunt
Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hunt Hints

Starting Location .:[AMAME]:. Kids

[1] - Dontchoo get googlie eyes at mine basket of nummies!
[2] - A tisket, a tasket, a thanksgiving basket
[3] - The Thanksgiving feast is usually celebrated around a _______. Find me and find your prize. (Located in Little Ones Couture
[4] - Don't forget to touch the mm board !
[5] - Woof woof!
[6] - The month of giving is here, but the month following is where you'll find a present, my dear.
[7] - It's a package deal!
[8] -  Presents from Santa
[9] - The Horse stole my basket!
[10] - M is for munchkins
[11] - Skins are always in!
[12] - There are 4 seasons, I love them all, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Ah but wait, look not at the bottom, another word for fabulous Fall is _______.
[13] - Go upstairs and take a nap.
[14] - Why don't you pick up some 'gifts' while your here?
[15] - Where clothes belong.
[16] - RED light, ballet flat? That's not a recess game D:
[17] - Totally Fabulous 143 = i love you & idk my bff
[18] - Cha-Ching!
[19] - Hiding under the covers is always a good spot!
[20] - If it's the Giving Hunt item you seek, let me "shed some light" on the location...
[21] - Be careful not to 'Lena' on the shelf.
[22] - I see pandas pokin outta pockets *giggles*
[23] - Ask the Police why we make castles in the sky
[24] - Red and Yellow on the Floor
[25] - Thanksgiving begins at home, with a family portrait.
[26] - Now I lay me down to sleep...
[27] - When the turkey goes down the hatch it normally digests through tunnel 2!
[28] - If you were to want store updates and group gifts, you'd likely click on me.
[29] - No Sundae is complete without it.
[30] - Don't cry over spilled potting soil
[31] - Anyone for tea?
There is no #32. Take LM to #33
[33] - I wonder if this basket is paint-proof?
[34] - Don't kick the leaves! :D
[35] - Take the train (it may say "Out of service" but don't worry about: call it and take it and stop to the belt room. Once you arrived take a look around... something will attract your attention in the right direction ;)
[36] - Over the bridge and up the stairs. Air your laundry, or read a book. Find the basket when you look.

THE END! Enjoy!
Friday, November 12, 2010

Preview #4

An aweeeesome hang out couch (or rather cowch, as I call it) from Sassafras.
A schweeeet shooting arrow toy and accessory pack from ANA_Mations.
A very cute babydoll tartan dress from FIERCE KIDDY CREW.
 A beautifully elegant mouthie from *Epic*.
An awesome cutesy stylin' outfit from Babydolls.

 A very cute and thoughtful pair of necklaces from .:: LacieCakes ::.

A entire set up of a family playing football while dinner is cooking (pose + football + shirts + goal cones + cooler) from Larnia Kids.

AND that, my friends, wraps up the previews for this hunt! Excited yet? Hunt starts on Sunday - November 14th! Tons of fantastic gifts made from awesome designers. During this celebration of giving thanks, we hope you enjoy this hunt to its entirety. The creators have kindly given their time and hearts to provide this hunt for all kids and the young at heart in SL. Be sure to take the time to thank them as well =)

Hints for this adventure will be posted at the end of the day tomorrow.

Enjoy and thank you for a wonderful SL experience.
Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preview #3

 A cute holdable security blanket from Whimzie.
 A super cool pumpkin thrower death ray blow dryer from boysRus.
An adorable cozy outfit for the girls from Candii Kitten.

More to come as we count down to the hunt!
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preview #2

A few more days and the hunt begins officially! Here are a few more previews to get excited about!

A snuggly childhood favorite bear to hold from .:[AMAME]:. Kids.
A wide range of fun Indian Headbands from *Bellies*.
A stylin' sleek, warm outfit for the boys from kick.ROCKS!.

And more to come as we count down to the 14th!
Friday, November 5, 2010

Previews #1

The Giving Hunt will be starting in less than two weeks! And, we've got some awesome previews for you all! Here are a few sneak peaks =D

 A lovely dining table from Tiny Spaces
 A beautiful photo frame from "Giggle[box]"
 An amazing family dinner pose set from [jillybean]
And an adorable outfit from :>Inner Peace<:

More to come!
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hunt Objects Sent!

Earlier this morning, the hunt objects were sent to all merchants participating in the hunt. Inside your box should be notecards, including the store order and prize hiding rules and hint fill-out form, as well as the actual hunt object. Find yours and delete the rest.

2 weeks left until the hunt begins! Send in your previews ASAP! I have a few already - I will be posting them once we are closer to the date!

Starting Hunt Location

The Giving Hunt Organizers

Cree Roxley
Nevalyn Looming


The Giving Hunt iPod