Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sign Walkthrough #1


A few of you have not put The Giving Hunt sign up! Get it up ASAP - I will do another walkthrough next week. Those who did not have the sign up are listed in the notecard that was set out yesterday. Be on the look out for that. Also, inside that notecard is the temporary revised store order.
Friday, October 8, 2010

Store Order Sent!


The Store Order has been sent via the update group kiosk! Please be on the look out for this notecard.

**IMPORTANT** Next step is the sign verification walkthrough. Please have the hunt signs out before Friday, October 15. We will be conducting a walkthrough to check that the signs are out and functioning correctly. If your store has relocated, please send me, Cree Roxley, a new LM for your store.

** Also, bloggers that were specified in each of your confirmations were invited to blog about the hunt a few days ago. Those who have agreed to blog about the hunt so far are listed to the right sidebar of this website.


1. Does the hunt item have to be Thanksgiving theme?

Nope! It's whatever you want! Make something you will have fun doing and will be proud to give for others to enjoy as thanks to the community =) It can be anything you want to make! (PG, of course)

2. Will the hunt blog be previewing hunt items?

YES! Once you have finished your hunt item, please feel free to show it off and send in an ad picture for it! Send it in world to me, Cree Roxley, or through email:

Any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again for your participation!

Cree Roxley,
The Giving Hunt Organizer

Nevalyn Looming,
The Giving Hunt Co-Organizer

Starting Hunt Location

The Giving Hunt Organizers

Cree Roxley
Nevalyn Looming


The Giving Hunt iPod