Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hunt Hints

Starting Location .:[AMAME]:. Kids

[1] - Dontchoo get googlie eyes at mine basket of nummies!
[2] - A tisket, a tasket, a thanksgiving basket
[3] - The Thanksgiving feast is usually celebrated around a _______. Find me and find your prize. (Located in Little Ones Couture
[4] - Don't forget to touch the mm board !
[5] - Woof woof!
[6] - The month of giving is here, but the month following is where you'll find a present, my dear.
[7] - It's a package deal!
[8] -  Presents from Santa
[9] - The Horse stole my basket!
[10] - M is for munchkins
[11] - Skins are always in!
[12] - There are 4 seasons, I love them all, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Ah but wait, look not at the bottom, another word for fabulous Fall is _______.
[13] - Go upstairs and take a nap.
[14] - Why don't you pick up some 'gifts' while your here?
[15] - Where clothes belong.
[16] - RED light, ballet flat? That's not a recess game D:
[17] - Totally Fabulous 143 = i love you & idk my bff
[18] - Cha-Ching!
[19] - Hiding under the covers is always a good spot!
[20] - If it's the Giving Hunt item you seek, let me "shed some light" on the location...
[21] - Be careful not to 'Lena' on the shelf.
[22] - I see pandas pokin outta pockets *giggles*
[23] - Ask the Police why we make castles in the sky
[24] - Red and Yellow on the Floor
[25] - Thanksgiving begins at home, with a family portrait.
[26] - Now I lay me down to sleep...
[27] - When the turkey goes down the hatch it normally digests through tunnel 2!
[28] - If you were to want store updates and group gifts, you'd likely click on me.
[29] - No Sundae is complete without it.
[30] - Don't cry over spilled potting soil
[31] - Anyone for tea?
There is no #32. Take LM to #33
[33] - I wonder if this basket is paint-proof?
[34] - Don't kick the leaves! :D
[35] - Take the train (it may say "Out of service" but don't worry about: call it and take it and stop to the belt room. Once you arrived take a look around... something will attract your attention in the right direction ;)
[36] - Over the bridge and up the stairs. Air your laundry, or read a book. Find the basket when you look.

THE END! Enjoy!


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