Friday, November 12, 2010

Preview #4

An aweeeesome hang out couch (or rather cowch, as I call it) from Sassafras.
A schweeeet shooting arrow toy and accessory pack from ANA_Mations.
A very cute babydoll tartan dress from FIERCE KIDDY CREW.
 A beautifully elegant mouthie from *Epic*.
An awesome cutesy stylin' outfit from Babydolls.

 A very cute and thoughtful pair of necklaces from .:: LacieCakes ::.

A entire set up of a family playing football while dinner is cooking (pose + football + shirts + goal cones + cooler) from Larnia Kids.

AND that, my friends, wraps up the previews for this hunt! Excited yet? Hunt starts on Sunday - November 14th! Tons of fantastic gifts made from awesome designers. During this celebration of giving thanks, we hope you enjoy this hunt to its entirety. The creators have kindly given their time and hearts to provide this hunt for all kids and the young at heart in SL. Be sure to take the time to thank them as well =)

Hints for this adventure will be posted at the end of the day tomorrow.

Enjoy and thank you for a wonderful SL experience.


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Cree Roxley
Nevalyn Looming


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